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    Muncih, Germany - 28 October 2016

    Bell & Ross participates once again at Munichtime watch exhibition where 80 top manufacturers and more than 10,000 visitors are expected, in the luxurious ambiance of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof.

    For the second time, a watch contest is organized and Bell & Ross enters the competition with its newest BR-X1 Hyperstellar in Category V (less than 20 000€).

    You can all vote for your favorite watch here.
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    London, UK - 18 October 2016

    Instrument de Marine event at the In & Out, Naval & Military Club in Mayfair London

    Bell & Ross celebrated the launch of the new Instrument de Marine collection at the In & Out, Naval & Military Club in Mayfair London. Guests were greeted in an intimate cocktail reception before enjoying dinner hosted by Bell & Ross CEO, Carlos Rosillo.

    The In & Out Military Club provided the perfect backdrop for the event as the club is steeped in military and naval history from which Bell & Ross takes its inspiration. The members only club was originally opened in 1867 by a group of professionals who worked in the armed forces that wanted somewhere to relax with fellow comrades. The building itself used to belong to the Earl of Kent and was frequented by members of the London social elite in the 1700s.

    Guests were introduced to the new Instrument de Marine series which is based on the original clocks housed on British ships in the 18th century. The original marine chronograph was developed by inventor John Harrison who was tasked with producing a device that could accurately calculate the longitude whilst at sea. The British ensured that the best model was invented as a huge proportion of their trade was based on the shipping trade therefore wrecks had to be minimised. The Bell & Ross Instrument de Marine timepieces pay homage to John Harrison's invention in three iconic Bell & Ross styles.
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    Madrid, Spain - 15 October 2016

    Bell & Ross in "Oldies but Goodies"

    The last Saturday, October 15, Bell & Ross participated in the vintage bike expo "Oldies but Goldies" organized by the magazine Revival of the Machine, which took place on the Railway Museum of Madrid. The event paid tribute to those who live in first person the work of making a single motorcycle with their own hands, just as everything around the lifestyle on two wheels.

    The event was an exhibition of motorcycles made by the major national preparers, art gallery, marks area, live music concerts, food trucks, crafts and customizing jackets.

    Bell & Ross, who took part as a sponsor of the event, was present with a space where visitors could enjoy 6 models Airborne-BR01 Skull concept, directly inspired by the military symbolism, the most radical version of the INSTRUMENT line.

    The star, the BR01 Burning Skull: one of the novelties of this year that commemorates the military symbolism and tattoo art.
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    Paris, France - 13 October 2016

    Journey Through Time at Bell & Ross HQ

    On Thursday, October 13th, an interactive presentation event unfolded inside the beautiful showroom of the Bell & Ross building at 8, rue Copernic.

    French journalists and influencers discovered the new Haute Horlogerie pieces during a journey through time in the presence of both founders of the brand, Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo.

    In what was a unique opportunity, the journalists were able to participate in workshops linked with the models being presented, allowing them to discover the different bronze patinas, the out of the ordinary way in which the Burning Skull case is filled and to admire up close the flying tourbillon movement.

    Each workshop was lead by an expert watchmaker who answered all their questions and offered the possibility to try the watches on 'live'.

    After the discovery of the new 'Instruments de Marine', the Burning Skull and the workshops, the journalists finished their journey with a magic show, discovering the incredible BR-X1 SAPPHIRE TOURBILLON CHRONOGRAPH with its exceptional skeleton movement and its flying tourbillon. Bell & Ross is once again pushing the boundaries of the watchmaking universe by creating a completely transparent timepiece cut from six blocks of sapphire neatly carved and polished. The BR-X1 TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE CHRONOGRAPH combines the fundamental codes of the brand with the highest technical and aesthetic watchmaking refinement.
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    Madrid, Spain - 12 October 2016

    Bell & Ross and PAPEA celebrate their 2 years partnership

    In order to celebrate the second birthday of its collaboration with PAPEA, Bell & Ross moved to the Alcantarilla air base in Murica, to realize a movie reflecting the daily life of Spanish Air Force professionals wearing the BR 126 Carbon on wrist.

    The PAPEA (Patrulla Acrobática Patrulla Acrobática de Paracaidismo del Ejercito del Aire), is the test and experimentation unit of spanish paratroopers, and exert as eachers in the Skydiving Military School.

    As we can see on the video, this patrol can endure extreme conditions and always has to resist to these dangerous predicaments. Bell & Ross studied these extreme situations and provide PAPEA's paratroopers with a watch that is not only a tool made for a mission but also an ally in each circumstances.

    This video is arriving at a perfect timing as October 12th is a key date in the spanish calendar!

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    29 September 2016

    Bell & Ross' Night in Blue

    Tuesday, the 27th of September, on the rooftop terrace of the Hotel ME, at the heart of Madrid, Bell & Ross received its key partners in Spain for an event entitled Night in Blue.

    An evening in the colors of the celestial vault that had several causes for celebration:

    - Firstly, to extend a thank you to all the entities who are in close collaboration with the brand on the Iberian Peninsula: The Spanish Air Force, and more specially the PAPEA (parachutists' patrol of the Spanish Air Force) for whom Bell & Ross is the official watch, the points of sale which have distributed the brand for years and the numerous media which communicate the novelties ardently, to an ever more demanding public.

    - As well as the official presentation of Carmen Jorda, development driver for the Renault Sport Formula One Team, as female ambassador of the BR S feminine collection of Bell & Ross.

    - And finally, the novelties of the brand, in particular the BR-X1 Hyperstellar, the BR S Diamond Eagle, and the BR 123 and BR 126 Aeronavale, were the other big protagonists of the evening as they were at the origin of the theme of the event for their color and for offering their inspiration.

    After a welcoming speech by Carlos Rosillo, CEO and Co-founder of Bell & Ross, Carmen Jorda shared a few words, after which the guests were able to admire the watch-making novelties and the Milky Way, through a telescope installed at the venue for the occasion.

    The Night in Blue of Bell & Ross was a highly colourful and emotional evening where everyone had their head in the stars ...
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 28 September 2016

    Meet & Greet session with Kevin Magnussen at Bell & Ross Pop-Up Store in Malaysia

    On 28 September 2016, we invited a special VIP guest from Renault Sport Formula One Team​ - Mr Kevin Magnussen for an up-close and personal session with Cortina Watch VIPs, guests, watch and sports enthusiasts, media and fans at our pop-up store in Suria KLCC.
    Arriving to much cheer and excitement, Kevin was posed questions posted by his fans on Bell & Ross social media in the weeks leading to this occasion. Thereafter, he obliged and thrilled fans with photographs and autographs.
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    Dubaï, UAE - 23 September 2016

    Bell & Ross private lunch under the stars at Capital D Studio Dubaï

    In celebration of the new collection, Bell & Ross was delighted to invite vip journalists, influencers and bloggers to a private lunch under the stars at Capital D Studio.

    The guests were immediately involved into the brand world of Bell & Ross with one-of-a-kind experience.
    The walls of the studio have been projected with several projections of the galaxy in order to encompass the room and to have the feeling of being in a space capsule.

    In this unique context, the guests were extremely enthusiast to discover the new BR-X1 Hyperstellar, the perfect navigational tool for astronauts, and the new BRS Diamond Eagle, a poetic line for women which offers a tiny slice of the milky way on the wrist.
    Stay tuned on @bellrossmiddleeast Instagram account
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    Saint Germain des Prés, Paris - 22 September 2016

    Bell & Ross at salon Les Montres 2016

    22-24 September 2016

    For the 12th consecutive year, Arnaud and Jean Lassaussois, owners of Les Montres Boutiques in Paris, will celebrate their love for beautiful watch mechanics at their fair.

    This major event, will gather around fifteen prestigious watchmakers brands and Bell & Ross will of course be part of it.

    Free of charges and accessible to everyone, this new edition presents an unique opportunity for horology amateurs and aficionados to discover brand new models from the brands available on the fair.

    4 place Saint-Germain des Prés
    75006 Paris
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    Taipei, Taiwan - 21 September 2016

    Bell & Ross Taiwan presents the new collection in the Palais de Chine Hotel

    Bell & Ross Taiwan welcomed Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Carlos-A. Rosillo on September 21 in the Palais de Chine hotel. More than 30 press members had the chance to discover Bell & Ross second semester product launches and namely the Aeronavale Vintage collection and the very creative Skull as well as the impressive BR-X1 TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE. As an introduction to the event, honor guards welcomed Carlos-A. Rosillo in a very traditional way.

    Guests had the opportunity to get shot in front of the photo call together with Tong Chee Wei, Bell & Ross General Manager - Asia and Amy Chu, Bell & Ross General Manager - North Asia on a vintage instant camera.
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    Central, Hong Kong - 19 September 2016

    Bell & Ross "Space Odyssey to Time" cocktail party in Central, Hong Kong

    Bell & Ross "Space Odyssey to Time" cocktail party was held yesterday (19th September 2016) in Central, Hong Kong. Mr. Carlos Rosillo, CEO & Co-founder, Bell & Ross, Mr. Tong Chee Wei, General Manager - Asia, Ms. Amy Chu, General Manager - North Asia, celebrity models Ms. Jocelyn Luko and Mr. Anthony Sandstrom, and Ms. Kelly Cheung, the mistress of ceremony, attended the event together with more than 70 guests.

    Before the start of the event, guests were invited to take photos at the photo booth and to wear a specially-designed tattoo stickers, matching the theme of the novelties. The event commenced with a welcome speech by Mr. Carlos Rosillo followed by BR S DIAMOND EAGLE video. Ms. Jocelyn Luko and Mr. Anthony Sandstrom then showcased the remarkable BR S Diamond Eagle and BR-X1 HyperStellar. The ceremony was completed by a group photo and a toast for the successful launch of the timepieces.
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    Paragon Atrium, Singapore - 15 September 2016

    Jolyon Palmer appearance at Bell & Ross Pop-Up Store in Paragon Atrium, Singapore

    In celebration of the official partnership between Bell & Ross and Renault Sport Formula One Team, a pop-up store was launched in Singapore at the Paragon Atrium from 9-18 September showcasing a range of watches including the highlight of this collaboration - the BR-X1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph.

    A Meet & Greet session featuring a special appearance by F1 driver Jolyon Palmer Official took place in the afternoon of 15th September, during which he interacted with fans and members of the media in the Q&A session and Batak Challenge.

    In the evening, Bell & Ross and retailer Watches of Switzerland - Singapore co-hosted an exclusive cocktail reception that was attended by VIPs, who got to meet and mingle with personalities such as Mr Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Director of the Renault Sport Formula One Team and Adam, Ryan & Mark Goldston of Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL), Official Shoe Sponsor for Renault Sport Formula One Team. LA-based DJ Eve Speciall provided the evening's entertainment as she spun the night away at the console with an eclectic mix of music infused with her own unique grooves.
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    Vienna, Austria - 14 September 2016

    Bell & Ross at Prater Park Vienna

    In the very heart of Vienna, in the well know Prater Park, Bell & Ross invited key journalists and bloggers to participate to an individual indoor skydiving session and to live a thrilling and exhilarating experience.

    During the cocktail that followed the flight sessions, guests could admire the 2016 Bell & Ross novelties inspired from the space and sky: the very masculine BR-X1 HYPERSTELLAR, a skeleton chronograph dedicated to space exploration and the BR S DIAMOND EAGLE, the newest feminine timepiece whose midnight blue dial studded with diamonds represents the Eagle constellation. It was a day to remember, an unforgettable experience where the stars and the sky seemed closer.
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 13 September 2016

    Bell & Ross Pop-Up Store launch cocktail at Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur

    In celebration of the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix, Bell & Ross together with CortinaWatch launched a Lifestyle Pop-up Store from 1 to 30 September 2016 at Level 1, Suria KLCC showcasing a range of core collection watches, including pieces unveiled at the international watch and jewellery industry show BaselWorld 2016.

    A cocktail event hosted by Bell & Ross and Cortina Watch was held at this Bell & Ross Pop-up Store in Suria KLCC today in the presence of Mr. Carlos-A. Rosillo, CEO & Co-founder of Bell & Ross, Cortina Watch VIPs, guests, watch and sports enthusiast, celebrities and media.

    Also as part of this month long campaign, a Meet & Greet session featuring a special appearance by Renault Sport Formula One Team driver Kevin Magnussen will be held on 28 September 2016 at 5pm in the same venue.

    At the Bell & Ross Pop-up Store during the cocktail event, the limited edition collection of commemorative timepieces especially created for the partnership - the BRX1 RS16 was given the spotlight. This collection was exclusively available on the paddock at selected Grand Prix and now can be found at the Bell & Ross Pop-up Store in Suria KLCC, as well as other boutiques and retailers.

    The BR-X1 RS16 watches, named after the team's new R.S. 16 race car for the 2016 Formula One season, were envisioned to be extreme versions of the watchmaker's iconic BR01 just as Formula One racing cars are the ultimate version of a car.
    Bell & Ross Lifestyle Pop-up Store is on Level 1 of Suria KLCC, from now until 31 October 2016.
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    Paragon Atrium, Singapore - 10 September 2016

    Race Against Time in Sinagpore with Bell & Ro

    In conjunction with the Renault Sport Formula One Team's participation in the 2016 Formula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, Bell & Ross has launched a pop-up store in Singapore from 9th to 18th September 2016 in the atrium of Paragon Shopping Centre showcasing the limited edition BR-X1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph amongst other timepieces.

    As part of this 10-day campaign, a Meet & Greet session featuring a special appearance by Renault Sport Formula One Team Driver Jolyon Palmer will be held on 15th September 2016 at 2.30pm.

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    Paris, France - 09 September 2016

    A day at Chanel Showroom with Carmen Jorda

    Time flies by when you're having fun. Especially if you're in the mythical Chanel showroom at 29 rue Cambon in Paris, but Carmen Jorda doesn't let it get away.

    As Bell & Ross' female line ambassador, always has a BRS watch on her wrist, she searches for the perfect outfits to match with each of the diverse BR S women's collection timepieces.
    In Coco Chanel's house it won't be that hard!
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 01 September 2016


    French luxury timepiece brand to showcase limited edition collection of timepieces in Singapore at Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Pop-up Store in celebration of its collaboration with the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team as the Official Watch Sponsor

    In conjunction with the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team's participation in the Singapore Grand Prix and Sepang Grand Prix in September, Bell & Ross launched a Lifestyle Pop-up Store from 1st to 30th September 2016 on Level 1 of Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur showcasing a range of core collection watches, including pieces such as Aero GT, BR-X1 Hyperstellar, BR01 Burning Skull and more which were featured at the renowned international watch and jewellery industry show BaselWorld 2016.

    A Meet & Greet session featuring a special appearance by Renault Sport Formula One Team™ pilot Kevin Magnussen will be held on 28th September 2016 at 5.00pm at Bell & Ross Pop-up Store in Kuala Lumpur.

    The Bell & Ross Lifestyle Pop-up Store will also feature a limited edition collection of commemorative timepieces specially created for the partnership that are exclusively available for retail at selected Grand Prix events only. Only 250 and 20 pieces of the limited edition BR-X1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph and BR-X1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph Tourbillion watches.

    Bell & Ross Pop-Up Store ● Lot 106A, Level 1, Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur
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    Antwerp, Belgium - 31 August 2016

    Bell & Ross and Emma Gelaude event in Belgium.

    Bell & Ross unveiled its latest women timepieces during an event at the Antwerp Skybar hosted by the Belgian blogger and Friend of the Brand Emma Gelaude.

    In the exclusive setting of a rooftop terrace offering a breathtaking view of the city, enjoying a last glimpse of summer, the guests discovered the brand's newest BRS Diamond Eagle collection and the BRS Rose Gold as well as other iconic models such as the BRS Black and White Ceramic and Heritage.

    The warm and inviting atmosphere lasted until late in the evening, an event where among all the watches one did not really pay heed to time.
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    Taipei, Taiwan - 11 August 2016

    Bell & Ross "pushing the limits" press event in Taiwan

    Bell & Ross Taiwan welcomed more than 100 press guests and KOLs to a very special event on August 11 pushing the limits of the power of engineering - and the emotion of creativity. The Baselworld 2016 collection was unveiled and guests had a chance to discover the pieces.

    Stylish actor Rhydian Vaughan Jinzhuang and beautiful actress Cindy Song performed on stage to present two major new models : the BR 03 Aero GT and the BR S Diamond Eagle.
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    New-York, USA - 29 July 2016

    How the Military Heavily Influenced Luxury Watches

    Bell & Ross CEO Carlos Rosillo discusses military aviation inspired watches and the demand for luxury time pieces. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets."

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    Beijing, China - 22 July 2016

    Bell & Ross "Race With Passion" media event in Beijing

    Bell & Ross Race With Passion media event was held successfully in Beijing on 22nd July.
35 journalists joined this exciting go karting event to experience Bell & Ross' passion for racing.

Guests formed teams to compete for the "Best Time - Team", "Best Time - Female" and "Best Time - Male" awards. 
Mr. Tong Chee Wei, General Manager - Asia presented the awards to winners and shared exciting 2016 news for Bell & Ross including the new distributorship in Asia and the venture into Formula One.

    Guests had a chance to discover Bell & Ross new models directly inspired by cars : the AeroGT concept car and the BR 03 AeroGT watches as well as the BR X1 RS16 celebrating the partnership with Renault Sport Formula One team.
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    Enstone, UK - 19 July 2016

    Visit of Renault Sport Formula One Team's chassis factory in Enstone, UK

    On Tuesday 19 July, Bell & Ross was lucky enough to visit Renault Sport Formula One Team's chassis factory based in Enstone, UK.

    This was the opportunity to have a deeper look at Renault Sport Formula One Team's universe and gather our common values for professional issues such as:legibility, functionality, reliability and precision.

    Media included Revolution, OT Magazine, Avaunt Magazine, Monochrome,Liberty London Girl

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    Hua Hin, Bangkok, Thailand - 15 July 2016

    Press trip in Thailand organised by Bell & Ross Singapore

    Bell & Ross Singapore hosted 30 journalists for a memorable trip to Hua Hin, Bangkok, Thailand on 14 & 15 July.

    The BaselWorld Collection 2016 was unveiled and the media had a chance to view the pieces up-close.

    Amongst the invited guests were The Bangkok Post, QP, GQ, World Of Watches, Watch World Wide etc..
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    Sydney, Australia - 14 July 2016

    Press Presentation in Sydney

    On Thursday July 14, Bell & Ross Australia unveiled the Baselworld Collection 2016 to an influential media guest list spanning both print and digital, at Sydney's iconic Salon Prive, on the 47th floor of O Bar & Dining Room, providing panoramic views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.
    Media included GQ Australia, Men's Style Magazine, Time+Tide Watches, D'Marge, Men's Health Magazine Australia and EVO.
    The venue was a flawless expression of Bell & Ross's trademark sleek black aesthetic and featured the spectacular back drop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as guests viewed the Baselworld Collection 2016, including AeroGT, BRS Diamond Eagle, Vintage Aeronavale and Desert Type.
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    Monte Carlo, Monaco - 28 May 2016


    Since our partnership debut with the Renault Sport Formula One Team, there have been intriguing developments at every turn, and Monaco is no different.

    Bell & Ross is making a pitstop in Monaco, to capitalize on the glamour to show off the new feminine line and the person who will represent it.

    Carmen Jorda captivated Bell & Ross with her strong and charismatic personality since they were introduced at the beginning of this year at the press conference announcing Renault's full manufacturer Formula 1 entry.

    It was at the Amber Lounge U*NITE party on Friday the 27th of May, in the iconic F1 host city of Monaco, where Bell & Ross proudly introduced Carmen Jorda as its feminine ambassador.
    Carmen serves as the development driver for Renault Sport Racing. She is not only a pioneer in being one of the few women to break into the motorsport world, but is also bringing feminine representation to Bell & Ross, a brand that is usually reputed as masculine.

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021710.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021720.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021752.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021801.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021809.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021818.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021825.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160523_021836.jpg
    Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa - 23 May 2016

    Bell & Ross launches first boutique in South Africa

    Bell & Ross celebrated the launch of its first boutique in Africa, at Nelson Mandela Square on the 10th May 2016. The watch brand whose collections pay tribute to aviation history has landed at Nelson Mandela Square in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg.

    The Bell&Ross boutique team hosted their VIP clients and press at the new boutique in order to explore the Bell & Ross universe and the aviation world. Mr Yushaa Desai, brand manager for Bell & Ross South Africa commented: "The brand was introduced in South Africa in 2009 and has quickly become a favourite amongst South African watch connoisseurs and trendsetters. The brand has been performing exceptionally well making it necessary to open the stand-alone boutique. The boutique has already proven to be a success in so many ways and we are really excited by the potential of the boutique."

    Guests were then invited to move to the Nelson Mandela Square to witness the spectacular unveiling of the Bell & Ross Slick 360 aerobatic airplane. The latest Bell & Ross novelties which included the Aero GT, the BR-X1 Hyperstellar, the Desert Type and the BRS Diamond Eagle, were presented at the same time and proved to be an immediate success.

    The evening ended with a three course meal at The Big Mouth and Grill. The Bell & Ross Slick 360 airplane will be flying in competitions for the next year. This was the first time that an airplane was exhibited at Nelson Mandela Square and created quite a stir with locals and tourists.
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160422_123207.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160422_123215.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160422_123228.jpg
    London, United Kingdom - 22 April 2016

    Bell & Ross donates to Design Museum

    Bell & Ross joins the world's leading designers and artists to support by donating a unique set of watches within a bespoke Aeronautical Instrument 'Flight Box' to the special benefit online auction, 'Time for Design', which will be held online from 7th April until 2nd May 2016, finishing at 6pm.
    All proceeds will go towards realising the Design Museum's ambition of creating the world's leading museum dedicated to contemporary design and architecture in London.

    Offered exclusively within a lavish collector's box and containing the six instruments: BR 01 HORIZON, ALTIMETER, TURN COORDINATOR, HEADING INDICATOR, AIRSPEED and CLIMB, this exclusive box, designed as a control panel where the essential instruments are laid out in T shape for optimum legibility, will make its owner feel as though they own a fragment of an aircraft's cockpit, delighting both aviation fans and watch collectors alike.

    This exclusive 'Flight Box' is exhibited for everyone to see until April 30th, when you visit our London Boutique, at Burlington Arcade.

    To start bidding on the online auction, please click HERE
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160413_024933.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160414_104207.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160414_104236.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160418_033414.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160414_104306.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160414_104313.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160414_104338.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160414_104346.jpg
    Shanghai, China - 13 April 2016

    Bell & Ross presents its exclusive BR‑X1 RS16 to celebrate the exciting partnership with Renault Sport Formula One Team at Pire

    Bell & Ross, the ultimate reference in aeronautical watches, has now added racecar drivers to its list of professional users.

    As the Official Watch Partner of the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team, Bell & Ross continues to celebrate this partnership debuted on March 18 in Melbourne, at the Formula 1 Pirelli Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

    The 5.4 km Shanghai International Circuit, famous for its demanding changes of acceleration in winding turns and high-speed straights, will be an exciting arena for the release of a new limited edition pair of watches: the BR‑X1 RS16 and the BR‑X1 RS16 Tourbillon, named after the team's new R.S. 16 race car for the 2016 season and exclusively available for retail at selective Grand Prix.

    The Grand Prix race week in Shanghai is the perfect place to officially present Kevin Magnussen and Jolyon Palmer, with their engraved BR‑X1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph watches.

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160401_125029.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160401_125036.jpg
    Baselworld 2016 - 01 April 2016

    Baselworld 2016 - Behind the scene

    For those who didn't have the chance to visit us at Baselworld this year, explore the Bell & Ross booth and discover the 2016 novelties.

    Learn more on BELL & ROSS - BASELWORLD 2016

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160319_115043.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160319_115050.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160319_115056.jpg
    Baselworld 2016 - 18 March 2016



    Driven by the conquest of new territories, this year sees Bell & Ross go stratospheric with a spacethemed version of its BR-X1 hypersonic chronograph. A revolutionary concept with a unique design, the BR-X1 HyperStellar has been conceived to accompany explorers on their journeys into space.

    Learn more: BELL & ROSS - BR-X1 HYPERSTELLAR
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_050737.jpg
    BaselWorld 2016 - 17 March 2016

    Introduction by Carlos Rosillo, CEO of Bell & Ross, at Baselworld 2016.

    Learn more: BASELWORLD 2016 - BELL & ROSS

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_055657.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_055713.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_055726.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_055747.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_055801.jpg
    Melbourne, Australia - 16 March 2016

    Renault Sport Formula One Team has unveiled its definitive livery for the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship

    The team debuted its distinctive yellow-gold and black colours in an event hosted in Docklands, Melbourne, in a highly unique way.

    The black and yellow Sirius colours themselves are naturally the corporate colours of Renault Sport, but also share the heritage of Renault Sport on track. Some contemporary touches have been added to make the R.S.16 stand out using metallic colours that will reflect the lights at the night races, a 'diamond' pattern at the rear of the car and gold flashes.

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_032436.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_032447.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_032452.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_032501.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160317_032505.jpg
    BaselWorld 2016 - 16 March 2016



    Plus d'infos sur : AERO GT - BELL & ROSS

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160314_050146.jpg
    Baselworld 2016 - 14 March 2016


    Ready for Astral Travel?
    Discover the Diamond Eagle at ‪‎Baselworld2016‬ on March 19th.

    Learn more on: BELL & ROSS - BASELWORLD 2016
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160312_092154.jpg
    Baselworld 2016 - 11 March 2016

    5 days before Baselworld 2016

    In one week, we will unveil our new concept Hyperstellar.
    Stay tuned!

    Learn more on BELL & ROSS - BASELWORLD 2016
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160310_072234.jpg
    Baselworld 2016 - 09 March 2016

    7 days before Baselworld 2016

    In one week, we will unveil our new concept: the Aero GT!

    Learn more on BELL & ROSS - BASELWORLD 2016

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_112738.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_112747.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_112911.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_112916.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_112937.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_112942.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_113008.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_113014.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160226_113020.jpg
    Barcelona, Spain - 23 February 2016

    Bell & Ross at the 2016 Formula One Test Session in Barcelona

    Test Sessions play a crucial role, allowing constructors to assess the technical upgrades they need to stay ahead of the development race
    As Official Watch Partner of Renault Sport Formula One Team, Bell & Ross was at Formula One Barcelona Test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya! Drivers Kevin Magnussen and Jolyon Palmer were rocking the BR-X1 Carbon Forgé® while testing the new R.S.16. car!

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160229_031506.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160229_031513.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160229_031523.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160229_031531.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160229_031539.jpg
    Doha, Qatar - 22 February 2016


    For the sixth year in a row, BELL & ROSS, the ultimate reference in aeronautical watches, participated in the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, in cooperation with its longstanding local partner AL MAJED JEWELLERY, and along with the world's most prestigious and luxurious watch and jewellery brands.

    Collectors and connoisseurs have been welcomed to experience the BELL & ROSS world of fine watchmaking with the New BR-X1 line.

    Exclusive timepieces and limited edition such as The BR 03-94 RAFALE (the official watch of the Rafale, the most successful multi-role fighter aircraft on the market) have been presented during the week at the BELL & ROSS booth at Doha Exhibition Center.
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_070132.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_070141.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_070156.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_070203.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_070253.jpg
    Kleine Brogel, Belgium - 05 February 2016

    Bell & Ross pays tribute to the Belgian Air Force with a special timepiece

    Bell & Ross proudly introduces its newest timepiece especially created for the 70th Anniversary of Belgian Air Force, a special tribute watch exclusively dedicated for its pilots.

    The BR03-92 Belgian Air Force was presented to General-Major Aviator Vansina during an official ceremony at the aviation base in Kleine Brogel, Belgium. Sharing strong common performance, excellence but as well mutual aid values Bell & Ross adds this new collaboration to a long list of partnerships with elite professional units worldwide. Guests were introduced to the world of military aviation with an exclusive experience around the Belgian Air Force universe, by discovering the cockpit of an F16 plane and enjoying a night take-off for a special operation exercise. During the event Bell & Ross joined the Belgian Air Force efforts in its charity missions.

    The watch combines the professional qualities of the BR03 such as functionality, precision, readability and water-resistance and is personalized with the symbolic Belgian Air Force Wings.
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160203_045704.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160203_045717.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160203_050806.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160203_045738.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160203_045827.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160210_024159.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_082611.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_082618.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160204_110029.jpg
    Paris, France - 03 February 2016


    Luxury watch brand Bell & Ross, the ultimate reference in aeronautical watches, is opening up to new horizons.

    Motivated by its ongoing search for new challenges, Bell & Ross is honored to announce its collaboration with a Formula One Team, whose comeback has been long awaited.

    Starting this season, Bell & Ross will be the Official Watch Partner of the Renault Sport Formula One Team.
    The alliance of these two brands, which share the same values, will certainly push the limits of mechanics.

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160122_043658.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160202_110127.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160202_110233.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160202_110733.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160202_110309.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160202_022404.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160202_110333.jpg
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160202_110339.jpg
    Paris, Hôtel National des Invalides - 22 January 2016


    The 31th International Automobile Festival, will open the doors of the exhibition "Concept Cars" from 27th until the 31st January 2016 in Paris - Hôtel national des Invalides. The latest and most beautiful automobile creations will be presented below the Invalides golden dome in Paris, in a space of 3 000 m2.

    A unique opportunity to approach rare concept cars, among which some will be presented in preview. The most successful designers in the world will present in a "Haute Couture" approach, their most beautiful creations, real master-pieces which prefigure cars of tomorrow.

    Member of the jury, Carlos A. Rosillo, CEO of Bell & Ross official sponsor of the ceremony, will award the "Palme d'or" during the ceremony of the International Automobile Festival.

    Public exhibition from the 27th of January to the 31st of January 2016
    Hôtel National des Invalides
    Entrance on avenue de Tourville, Place Vauban,
    Paris 7ème

    For more information, go to www.festivalautomobile.com
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20160217_110417.jpg
    Paris, France

    Discover the 2015/2016 Bell & Ross Catalogue

    You now have the possibility to receive the new Bell & Ross catalogue or directly view it online.