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    Paris, Hôtel des Inavalides - 15 Octobre 2014

    The Bell & Ross annual event at the Invalides

    Bell & Ross unveiled Wednesday night during its traditional event at the Hotel National des Invalides its new hypersonic collection: BR-X1, exceptional chronograph for pilots of the fifth generation of military aircraft.

    The history of aviation, that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, has seen many milestones including the 50's breakdown of the sound barrier until the hypersonic flight era. The new line BR-X1 is inspired from the excellence of the aeronautical industry and its new technologies.

    This high-tech sporty chronograph is as robust as sophisticated. Revolutionary in its design, the BR-X1 is the first watch of a new collection from Bell & Ross and the beginning of a whole new chapter in the saga of the brand. An extreme version of the BR-01, whose iconic square shape is directly inspired by aeronautical flight instruments, the BR-X1 is much more than a top-of-the-range contemporary sports watch: it is the "Ultimate Utility Watch".

    The guests had also the opportunity to discover in this unique venue, all the brand's novelties with a particular thought this year for the heroes of the First World War.
    Bell & Ross has always been passionate by the military history and in particular that of the aviation. This year the brand wanted to honor the heroes of the French aviation and especially Captain Georges Guynemer, by creating a watch bearing his image and that of its "Cigognes" (Stork) squadron. This unit, featuring the silhouette of the great bird on its flanks since 1914, entered into the legend thanks to the courage and achievements of its pilots.

    The Hotel National des Invalides, an emblematic military site full of history, was the perfect venue for this memorable night which also marked the beginning of the exhibition "View from the Front", presented during General Baptiste's welcome speech to Carlos Rosillo. Bell & Ross is pleased to be a partner and sponsor of this exhibition that commemorates the Great War.

    More than 700 guests enjoyed this special moment and discovered in avant-premiere the exhibition before projecting themselves into the future with the BR-X1. The French and international press rubbed elbows with military representatives, professional of aeronautics like Dassault and key players of the watch industry, all sharing their common passion for timepieces and the history of aviation.
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    Hôtel des Invalides, Paris - 15 Octobre 2014

    Bell & Ross partner and sponsor of "Vu du Front" exhibition

    Bell & Ross is honored to be partner and sponsor of « Vu du front exposition » that will take place at Musée de l'Armée from October 15th, 2014 to January 25th, 2015.

    Organized in the framework of the World War I centenary commemoration, this great exhibition will be concerned about the way the conflict's contemporaries saw, perceived and represented the front between the beginning and the end of the war. It will also compare the different fronts approaches: the Western front, the Eastern front, the Austro-Italian front, the Middle-East's, the Dardanelles' and the Balkan's.

    Bell & Ross has always been passionated about the military history and in particular about the history of aviation. That's why this year, Bell & Ross wanted to honor a great hero of the french aviation, Captain Georges Guynemer, by creating a watch, the Vintage WW1 Guynemer, paying tribute to this legendary pilot and the storks squadron. This unit bearing with pride the stork on its planes since 1914, has become part of the legend due to the courage and achievement of its pilots.

    True to its values, it was essential for Bell & Ross brand to declare itself as a sponsor of this beautiful exhibition that will take place from October 15th, 2014 to January 25th, 2015 at Hôtel des Invalides.
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    Canary Wharf, London

    Bell & Ross to pop-up in Canary Wharf with Charles Fish

    Charles Fish, the luxury jewellery and watch retailer based in Canary Wharf, will host its 4th Bell & Ross pop up shop in Canary Wharf's Canada Place on October 27th-28th and Jubilee Place, on October 29th-30th, where watch enthusiasts will have the opportunity to get up-close with the brand's best seller models and the new collection.

    Renewing last year's initiative, a lottery for the benefit of a charity organization is set up again. Indeed, all gains will be donated to HelpforHeroes, a UK Military fund who gives support and assistance to our wounded and their families who have made sacrifices on our behalf to achieve their full potential.

    "It's essential and natural for B&R, luxury watchmaker inspired by history of military watches and great defender of military values such as courage, surpassing oneself, excellency, to pay tribute to the heroes of HelpforHeroes" says Jean FALCON de LONGEVIALLE, Country Manager UK & Ireland.

    At this occasion, the £5 raffle tickets are exclusively available at Charles Fish's store and Bell & Ross pop up store in Canary Wharf and online (exclusively for UK residents). The random draw will take place on Thursday, October 30th at 1pm. A Vintage BR 126 Officer Silver will be presented to the lucky winner.
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    Saint Germain des Prés, Paris - 09 Octobre 2014

    Bell & Ross at salon Les Montres 2014

    9-11 October 2014

    For the 11th consecutive year, Arnaud and Jean Lassaussois, owners of Les Montres
    Boutiques in Paris, will celebrate their love for beautiful watch mechanics at their fair.
    This major event, will gather around fifteen prestigious watchmakers brands and Bell & Ross will of course be part of it.
    Free of charges and accessible to everyone, this new edition presents an unique opportunity for horology amateurs and aficionados to discover brand new models from the brands available on the fair.

    4 place Saint-Germain des Prés
    75006 Paris
    Opening hours: Thursday & Friday: 11am-7pm ' Saturday: 10.30am-6.30pm
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    Madrid, Spain - 02 Octobre 2014

    Bell & Ross pays tribute to the spanish Air Force

    The Spanish Air Force celebrates, this year, its 75th anniversary.

    To celebrate such an important date, Bell & Ross has decided to set up; in collaboration with the Spanish Air Force; a special limited edition to 99 pieces of the watch BR126 Vintage Carbon Chronograph. This model displays the Spanish insignia on its dial and pays tribute to the Spanish Armed Forces.

    To strengthen its engagement with the Spanish Air Force, Bell & Ross initiated a new relationship as a partner of one of its elite patrols: the PAPEA (Patrulla Acrobatica of Paracaidismo del Ejercito del Aire), creating for its members, a unique series.
    For this exclusive edition, the Vintage BR126 Carbon Chronograph's dial is adorned with the logo of the P.A.P.E.A.

    This timepieces have been handed over General Francisco Javier García Arnaiz, Chief of Staff of the spanish Air Force, Fernando Lombo, Captain of the P.A.P.E.A. and all the P.A.P.E.A. Patrol, by Carlos Rosillo, Ceo of Bell & Ross, during an official ceremony at the Spanish Air Force Headquarters.

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    Bonneville Salt Flats

    B-Rocket : The Bonneville Adventure

    Bell & Ross' B-Rocket, launched in early 2014 is a concept bike with a neo-retro look with lines encapsulating the essential principles of aeronautical design.

    An airplane-motorcycle with an unique style whose extremely aerodynamic lines evoke the experimental aviation of the 1960s, Nevada's speed bikes and the records they set on the salt lake at Bonneville.

    The B-Rocket embarked in a world tour and last June it arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats - a legendary and totally unique place, an immense blank expanse of white, to shoot a film set in the ultimate dream location for time chasers.

    It's lively, powerful and big on sensation.
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    Liberty Memorial, Kansas City - 18 Août 2014

    Bell & Ross partner of National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

    "To be an international partner and resource for commemoration of the history, policy and humanity of World War I."
    Centennial Mission Statement, National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

    Bell & Ross is pleased to announce that it has partnered with TIVOL in creating a special watch display at the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, in Kansas City, MO. Debuting on August 18th, the exhibit will showcase the brand's Vintage military inspired timepieces and is being held in commemoration of the Great War's 100th year anniversary.

    Soon after the war ended in 1919, the citizens of Kansas raised over $2.5 million in funds (the equivalent of $34 million today) in just ten days, reflecting the strong public sentiment toward the conflict that changed the course of history. Two years later in 1921, over 100,000 people gathered to witness the supreme Allied commanders make a formal dedication to the site of the Liberty Memorial. This was the first time in history the five leaders were gathered together in one place. In 2004, the Museum was designated by Congress as the nation's official World War I Museum, beginning construction on a new 80,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility that also houses the Edward Jones Research Center underneath the Liberty Memorial. Since its opening in 2006, the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial has had over a million visitors including President Barack Obama, former Vice President Dick Cheney, Senator John McCain and the country's last surviving WWI veteran Frank Buckles.

    Today, the Museum is dedicated to honoring those who served in the Great War by keeping its history alive. Exhibitions and educational programs geared toward a diverse audience enrich the museum's mission in keeping the public involved through thought and dialogue. In addition to maintaining the Liberty Memorial as a symbol of freedom and courage, the Museum is also dedicated to the collection and preservation of historical materials from World War I, holding the most diverse collection of objects and documents in the world. It is the second-oldest public institution dedicated to the history and personal experiences of the war. Between now and 2018, the museum will be offering a host of programs and special exhibitions marking the 100th anniversary of the first global conflict in human history and its effects on the world today.

    Bell & Ross is proud to collaborate with TIVOL in exhibiting its Vintage watch collection on occasion of the Great War's centennial anniversary. The museum's historical narrative will be the perfect backdrop for displaying the brand's collection of military-inspired timepieces. Beginning with the PW1, a nod to the pocket watch worn by French soldiers during the Great War, the brand developed its WW1 collection that traces back to the wristwatches tested by pilots in the late teens and early twenties. These watches carry Swiss movements fitted in large fob-watch type cases. The horns replicate the original wire

    handles that were originally soldered to the case, evoking the design of the first wristwatches. Bell & Ross has remained historically true in every attention to detail, including fitting the watches with grooved crowns similar to those pilots of the era could easily turn while wearing gloves, and adding domed crystals for an overall vintage effect. The watches come with a variety of complications from which to choose: Grande Date, Reserve de Marche to the ultimate efficient function for any aviator of the day, the Monopoussoir Chronograph. This exhibition of historically inspired watches from the Great War will be enhanced with other Bell & Ross aviation watches, including the iconic Bell & Ross BR 01 models.

    For more than a century TIVOL has been Kansas City's premier jeweler, providing its customers with luxury timepieces and jewelry and exceptional service. Founded in 1910 in downtown Kansas City by immigrant Charles Tivol, the retailer today boasts two locations, in Country Club Plaza in Kansas City and Hawthorne Plaza in Overland Park, KS. The four-generation family-run business has become an institution and is today home to Bell & Ross watches in the area.

    A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Bell & Ross timepieces will be donated to the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial.
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    Bell & Ross creates a limited edition of 100 pieces exclusively reserved for ALPA-S.

    First started in the early 1960s, the Air Line Pilots Association - Singapore (ALPA-S) is the professional body representing the pilot profession in Singapore. It is a member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Association.

    Its primary mission is to enhance aviation safety and to promote the highest standard of professionalism and technical competence among its members. This is to ensure that the general public, who entrust their lives with us, are assured of the highest level of air safety when they travel in airliners operated by their members. It also strives to develop, support and enhance the integrity, status and interests of the airline pilot profession in Singapore.

    Having decided to create a watch bearing their insignia and embodying their values of cohesion and professionalism, the ALPA-S naturally approached Bell & Ross to produce a special edition.
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    Paris, France - 14 Juillet 2014


    On July 14 - the French National Day - Bell & Ross had the opportunity to present its new BR 126 Insignia during the Diplomatic Garden Party at the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris.

    Gathering more than 400 people (coming from the diplomatic corps, military forces and aviation professionals), this international event was the best place to launch this new commemorative project dedicated to air forces.
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    Paris, France

    Commemoration of 14th July - Interview of Carlos Rosillo on BFM TV

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    Bell & Ross hit the road with the Dubaï Harley Owners Group

    Bell & Ross celebrated in May the B-Rocket concept by asking key print publications to step out of their comfort zones and offices and hold onto their seats!

    The adventure started off at the Biker's Café by product presentations of the latest collections. Guests were in for a ride and things kicked into gear as soon as the roaring bikes of the Harley Owners Group of Dubai pulled up to the restaurant! Speed picked up after a photo opportunity and guests suited up for their riding experience. 15 motorcycles took over the streets of Dubai for two hours taking the group tour that showed the clashing terrains of the city. Bell & Ross lives in the fast lane and can help you stay there by providing reliability, resistance and readability.

    Bell & Ross revealed their latest collaboration, the B-Rocket concept, with Shaw Harley-Davidson at this year's Basel World. Complementing the launch of the speed bike inspired from the experimental aviation of the 1960s, Bell & Ross developed two ultimate watches for motorists and great enthusiasts of beautiful mechanics.

    The BR01-94 and BR03-90 are as impressive as the high-speed motorcycle it is designed to go with. Created for the dare-devil in you, time you speed or measure short periods of time with large data window and a power-reserve indicator. The sophisticated mechanisms are fitted with anti-glare sapphire crystal and the finished with black and red padded leather to contrast the steel reminiscent of the motorcycle tachometer.
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    Ferté-Alais, France - 06 Juin 2014

    Ferté-Alais - Airshow

    The "Temps des Hélices" celebrated the First Word War and D-Day.
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    Las Vegas - 01 Juin 2014


    Bell & Ross rockets to Couture Las Vegas, debuting the new B-Rocket at an exclusive soirée held at the Wynn Las Vegas. The invitation-only event included top-notch watch aficionados, retailers and members of the press. Guests were treated to music, cocktails, cigars and American fare, and delighted in the surprise appearance of an actual Rocket Man.

    The brand has teamed for a second time with British company Shaw Harley Davidson to design a sleek concept bike evoking the modernity of the 1960s. That decade saw many firsts in innovation, performance and precision, with speed bikes breaking records in Nevada and Utah's deserted lakebeds. These tests spearheaded aeronautic technology that would eventually land us on the moon. Inspired by the first jet airplanes of the era, the B-Rocket's retro style captures the essential principles of aerodynamics with its rocket nose and sleek design. These concepts have been translated to Bell & Ross's newest models, the BR 01 and BR 03 B-Rocket.

    The BR 01 B-Rocket harnesses that need for speed with its chronograph and tachymeter scale, measuring performance time in 60-second, 30-minute and 12-hour indicators. The graphic display evokes those used in experimental vehicle testing indicators, with the power reserve indicator reminiscent of fuel gauge in racing vehicles. For smaller wrists, the BR 03 B-Rocket may have simpler functions with hours, minutes, seconds, date and power reserve indicator, but it maintains the same design values with its satin-brushed steel case, guilloché finish and padded leather strap edged with red.

    These two new timepieces, together with the B-Rocket motorcycle were all the rage in the Couture show, as Nevada was home to some of the most daring speed tests ever conducted. It was only fitting that their U.S. debut took place under the desert sky in Vegas.
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    Paris, France - 12 Mai 2014

    Bell & Ross at colette

    B-Rocket, the Bell & Ross revolutionary airplane-motorcycle will be exhibit at the famous concept-store before going in a worldwide tour.

    Bell & Ross presents a totally exclusive motorcycle constructed with the Shaw Harley Davidson engineers at, inspired by the iconic world of the first jet planes designed in the United States.

    B-Rocket is a unique airplane-motorcycle with a design leaving a deep impression on people.

    In the wake of the B-Rocket, Bell & Ross is launching two watches, in limited editions of 500 timepieces, the BR 01 and the BR 03 B-Rocket replicate the codes of this incredible concept-bike.

    A direct offshoot of the b-Rocket, the BR 01 B-Rocket chronograph is the ultimate watch for drivers. Just like the high-speed motorcycle it is designed to go with, this instrument is impressive through its case of 46 mm in diameter. The ultimate in terms of timing your speed, it has a large minutes counter, with a tachymetric scale on the outer edge of the dial, which as a matter of priority measures short periods of time and so allows your performance to instantly be displayed.

    In the more elaborate BR 03 B-Rocket- version of the watch, the 42 mm satin-brushed steel case is fitted with two complications. The hours, minutes and seconds display also features a large date window and a power-reserve indicator.

    With their sophisticated finishes, the BR 01 and the BR 03 B-Rocket can communicate, making dimmed headlights within easy reach. Both watches are fitted with a padded leather strap, lined and edged in red, modeled on the seat of the B-Rocket.

    This is a great opportunity to discover in preview this dynamic duo that is bucking the trend, from the 12th to the 17th of May and to purchase first numbers of the two limited edition timepieces.

    Come and see us at colette :
    213 Rue Saint-honoré
    75001 PARIS

    From the 12th to the 17th May included
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    Le Bourget, France - 03 Avril 2014


    As a watch-making Maison, Bell & Ross shares common values with the automotive industry: design and high technology.

    They naturally partnered with one of the most prestigious automotive manufacturer on the occasion of the Porsche Macan launch event. Guests discovered the new car and the latest Bell & Ross collection at the Bourget Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, surrounded by two mythical planes: the Concorde and the Mirage IV.
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    Charles-de-Gaulle, France - 28 Mars 2014

    Partnership with Marine Nationale (French National Navy)

    Great post on Marine National's Website - www.colsbleus.fr - about the partnership between La Marine Nationale (Franch National Navy) and Bell & Ross linking the most exclusive know-how and the excellence of virtuosos.

    Read the post

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    Basel, Switzerland - 26 Mars 2014

    Baselworld 2014 - B-Rocket Full Concept

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20140323_053307.jpg
    In the Sky - 21 Mars 2014

    Discover our video "Once upon a time in the sky"

    Watches used & approved by Professionals

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    Doha, Qatar - 27 Février 2014

    Bell & Ross at the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition

    For the fourth year in a row, Bell & Ross participated in the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition, in cooperation with local partner AL Majed Jewellery, and along with the world's most prestigious and luxurious watch and jewelry brands.

    With a much bigger space and a complete Bell & Ross look and feel, exclusive pieces and limited editions have been showcased.
    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20140130_063443.jpg
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    Hôtel National des Invalides, Paris - 29 Janvier 2014

    Partner of the 29th International Automobile Festival, Bell & Ross unveils a legendary airplane-motorcycle, the B-Rocket.

    The 29th Festival Automobile International sets the standard in the world of design and automotive. The Hôtel des Invalides hosted the event, just beside its Dome.

    Bell & Ross, partner of the official ceremony, has renewed its support for the eighth consecutive year to this event, associating design, trends and prestigious automotive.

    Bell & Ross offered an exclusive preview of the B-Rocket, its neo-retro concept-bike, to fine mechanical lovers. Its aerodynamic lines are halfway inspired by speed-bikes and the 60's experimental US aviation.

    More than a motorcycle, the B-Rocket is a legendary engine produced with Shaw Harley-Davidson. The watchmaking part of the B-Rocket concept will be unveiled at Baselworld, the International Watch and Jewelry show, organized from March 27th to April 3rd in Basel, Switzerland.

    Member of the jury, Carlos A. Rosillo, CEO of Bell & Ross, rewarded the prestigious Palme d'Or to Vincent Bolloré for his Autolib' project (self-service electric cars).

    About 600 personalities - designers, car manufacturers, media and members of the Jury - attended the ceremony. On this occasion, exceptional Concept Cars were introduced - some of them in worldwide exclusivity. A total of 14 Grands Prix, including the Palme d'Or, were awarded by the jury of the Festival to personalities and companies celebrating their talents.

    Public exhibition for the public from the 29th of January to the 2nd of February 2013.

    Hôtel National des Invalides
    Enter by avenue de Tourville, Place Vauban.
    75007 Paris

    Thrusday 10h-20h
    Friday 10-19h
    Saturday 10h-20h
    Sunday 10h-18h

    • http://www.bellross.com/_tmp/20140117_045521.jpg
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    Bell&Ross partner of the 70th anniversary of the French Air force fighter jet squadron 3/11 "Corsica"

    Saturday January 11th, a ceremony took place on the French air base 188 of Djibouti, to celebrate the 70 years anniversary of fighter jet squadron 3/11 "Corsica".

    The chief of staff of the French Air Force General Denis Mercier was invited to the event, together with numerous important personalities of the French Air Force.
    On this occasion, a gala dinner was organized on the tarmac. Planes were specially decorated by the mechanics with many strong symbols, coming from the rich history of this prestigious unit. The jaws of sharks, which were already present on the F-100 Sabre of the unit in the 1960's. At the end of the evening, a happy winner of a BR03 Aviation type watch was designated by chance.


    On August 27th, 1939, the I/3 squadron composed of the SPA 69 (cat head) and SPA 88 (Snake) is stationed on Velaine-en-Haye (Lorraine) airfield. During the Campaign of France, while the Luftwaffe was bombing the French air bases, the group is credited with 52 victories.

    Pilots leave France to go to Tunisia on June 18th 1939. They settle down afterward in Oran, Algeria. At the beginning of August, the group takes part in surveillance missions of the North African coasts and the protection of allied convoys. The pilots start fighting in April 1944 for the liberation of Corsica and Italy. The unit goes north through the valley of the Rhône, to land in Germany. When Germans surrender, on May 8th 1945, the squadron proudly displays 108 victories and received 190 citations! Further to the war, the squadron bears the name "Corsica" because of its active participation in the liberation of the island.

    The Corsica squadron is dissolved on February 28th 1966. It is reborn one month later, under the name we know today: fighter jet squadron 3/11 "Corsica". It is then based at Bremgarten, in the Federal Republic of Germany.

    The Squadron will participate to multiple operations across Africa: in Senegal, Gabon, Djibouti, Togo, and finally in Nigeria.
    Today, this unit is the only one operating two types of aircrafts with totally different purposes. First of all, four Mirage 2000-5F are supplied by the fighter jet squadron 1/2 Storks. They are intended for exclusively air-air missions. Finally, three Mirage 2000D, are intended for ground attack and bombing missions.