Time instruments
from the cockpit
to the wrist


Because of the desire to reach for the stars, explore the ocean depths and live out is passions to the fullest, man has always measured himself against time, turning a few seconds into a moment of eternity.


In the beginning, a team of watch designers and aeronautical control panel specialists joined forces with one project in mind: to create timepieces perfectly suited for professional use.
Their goal: to be part of the great Swiss watchmaking tradition while meeting the demands of men facing extreme situations.



Designed for professionals who demand optimal reliability

Bell & Ross watches meet four basic principles: legibility, functionality, reliability and precision
Thus, every detail has its purpose, its function. This technical precision is expressed through pure lines and timeless elegance.

Combination of expertise

Professional users, designers, engineers and master watchmakers

To ensure that a watch meets the expectations of its users, Bell & Ross gathers experts with complementary know-hows to achieve a main objective: the creation of utilitarian watches.
Professional users, designers, engineers, and master watchmakers combine their expertise and experience following the same motto: the essential must not compromise the superfluous.

Professional references

Watches used and approved by professionals working in extreme conditions

Some professions require absolute precision. When every second counts, having a watch that is readable, reliable and precise is essential. Bell & Ross has become a leading brand in the exclusive world of professional users.
Today, astronauts, pilots, divers and even bomb disposal experts use Bell & Ross watches as a tool for their missions.

Extreme Men

There are professions where one must bear exceptional temperatures, undergo violent accelerations or withstand dangerous pressures. Bell & Ross analyzes these extreme situations along with those who experience them: astronauts, pilots, bomb disposal experts and divers. Professionals for whom a watch must not only be a tool to assist them on their missions, but also a constant ally.

Extreme Machines

By designing its own vehicles, Bell & Ross is pushing the boundaries of creativity and exploring new watchmaking territories.
The B-Rocket motorcycle, the AeroGT sports car, the Hot-Rod Bellytanker and the BR-Bird racing plane are experimental concept vehicles designed by Bell & Ross to beat speed records.

Each of these streamlined machines, has been inspired by the brand’s historical source of ideas: the world of aviation. Bell & Ross has created timekeeping instruments designed to equip the drivers of these extreme machines.

In 2023, the BR 03-94 BLACKTRACK opens a new chapter in this fascinating and audacious story. The BR 03-94 BLACKTRACK chronograph watch, inspired by the BT-06 Blacktrack motorcycle designed in collaboration with designer Sacha Lakic, echoes the technical design of stealth aircraft.

Finest Swiss craftsmanship

It is in Switzerland, in the production facility at La Chaux-de-Fonds, that master watchmakers conceive, assemble and fine-tune each Bell & Ross timepiece. Their art and craftsmanship come alive in each precise measurement, in the strict quality controls and the attention given to each step of the process, however complex the mechanism.

The mechanical movement

The watch’s engine, the mechanical movement, is an amazing technical challenge: within an extremely limited space, it must contain a continuous, precise and reliable movement. It is made up of hundreds of assembled and adjusted parts, precisely tested and fine-tuned by the master watchmaker. Thanks to the wearer’s wrist movements, it ensures several days of autonomy. In and off itself, this “living organ”, an ingenious masterpiece, symbolizes centuries of technical innovation and watchmaking expertise.


The brand’s history is epitomized by three exceptional timepieces that have become benchmarks due to their mechanical sophistication and technical mastery: the Vintage Heure Sautante, the first watch equipped with a jumping hour display and a power reserve indicator. The Hydromax, the diving watch mentioned in “The Guinness Book of Records®” for its water-resistance to 11,100 m. The BR-X2, the square watch made from sapphire crystal and equipped with an ultra-slim self-winding tourbillon movement.