BR-X1 Tourbillon skeleton-sapphire

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A masterpiece of Haute Horlogerie
The challenge of a skeleton movement is to remove as much material as possible while respecting the aesthetics decided by the designer. Each and every strength line must be calculated to the limit so that there is just enough metal where needed.
The main plate and the bridges are designed with the X-Shape, iconic to the BRX1 family.
The hour and minute hands are off-centered just above the extra-large barrel. The intermediate minute wheel has been calculated and produced specifically for the optimization of friction and tight tolerances. The shape of the teeth is then unique. This wheel is fitted with one ruby stone and rotates around a stainless-steel axle.
The flying tourbillon cage emerges from the movement, at the same level as the dial. Weight reduction of the main plate and bridges is achieved thanks to recesses cut wherever possible. The recesses are finished with a heavy sandblasting whereas the surfaces are brushed and the angles fine ball blasted. Main plate and bridges are then covered with a grey Ruthenium galvanic treatment
The skeleton tourbillon cage is seeable from everywhere: top, side, back. Bell & Ross skeleton tourbillon movement is an achievement for a Haute Horlogerie watch maker.

A "treasure chest" for a unique movement
The case is cut out of 5 blocks of pure Corindon, the physical name of Sapphire and Ruby. The Corindon is the second hardest material on earth, after diamonds. Almost impossible to scratch. The Sapphire used for BRX1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire is pure to 99.997%.
Cutting a watch case from a solid block of sapphire is an extremely long and difficult process. It takes several days to produce the five components for one single watch.
The BR-X1 SAPPHIRE TROUBILLON case is actually cut out of 9 blocks of sapphire: middle piece, back, top, crystal and four bumpers, assembled with screws. The complexity of the case construction is not only a technical mastership challenge but also a way to enhance the protection of the watch
The unique design of the case with a lot of facets just like a gemstone magnifies the sapphire material. Light gets in the watch like in a Princess-cut diamond, reflexes on the facets and gets back out with incredible glow.


Exclusive Bell & Ross manufacture mechanical movement.
Diameter: 30 mm. Height: 7.96 mm. Weight: 12 g.
Number of components: 177. Number of jewels: 20.
Power reserve: 100 hours (more than 4 days)
Tourbillon cage: off-centered at 6 o’clock position to be highly visible from top, side and bottom. One rotation per minute
Balance wheel: variable inertia type, with solid gold adjusting screws


Hour and minute indications: off centered at 12 o’clock position


The case is cut out of 5 blocks of pure Sapphire. Water-resistant to 3 ATM.


The dial is cut from a solid piece of Grade 5 Titanium.
It is made of an annular plate with hand-polished bevels and Opalin surfaces.
Being screwed on top of four pillars, it seems to float above the movement.
Hours markers are hand painted in pure white Superluminova, Green Line.


Two levels hour and minute skeleton hands with inside recessed sandblasted zone and outside mirror polished beveled zones.
Openings filled with pure white Superluminova, Green Line.


Grade 5 Titanium crown. Diameter 8.00 mm.
B&R logo stamped on the crown head, sandblasted background and polished logo


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