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Advice on keeping your timepiece in good working order

Water resistance:
After each immersion in seawater, it is advisable to rinse your watch and its bracelet carefully with fresh water. To ensure a perfect seal, be careful not to handle the pushers underwater and that the crown is completely screwed in or in the neutral position before immersion. As seals have a limited lifespan, we recommend that you do not keep your watch in the shower: hot water can accelerate the wear of the seals. We recommend that you have your watch checked for water resistance every two years at a Bell & Ross repair center or by a Bell & Ross approved watchmaker. If you live in an area with a particularly humid climate, we recommend more frequent checks every year.

Although equipped with efficient devices to absorb shocks, watch movements are no less delicate. Consequently, it is recommended to avoid wearing your watch when practicing activities requiring intense, rapid and jerky movements which could, through repeated jolts, modify the setting or even damage one or more components of the mechanism.

Magnetism affects precision and disrupts the proper functioning of watch mechanisms, generally causing a large advance. It is common to magnetize your watch by accident and as a precaution, in order to avoid any disturbance linked to this phenomenon, we recommend that you avoid any prolonged exposure of your watch near objects emitting strong magnetic fields such as connected devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc.), household appliances (microwave, refrigerator, induction hob, etc.), as well as security gates, speakers, metal jewelry, etc.

The proper functioning of the mechanism of your watch is guaranteed between -20 ° C and 60 ° C. Above these temperatures, your watch will become less precise. We also recommend that you avoid thermal shock which can damage the glass of your watch until it shatters. Also, prolonged exposure to the sun can alter the color rendering of your watch (discoloration of the dial, hands and bracelet).


Self-winding watches are wound by movement of the wrist. In order to keep the system operating optimally, we recommend that you manually wind your watch after prolonged immobilization or when it is stopped (refer to the technical manual).


The operation of a quartz watch is ensured by an integrated circuit, which transmits energy from the battery, through the quartz oscillator, which then performs the division of time. When your quartz watch is stopped, It is important to have the used battery replaced as soon as possible. This will prevent it from flowing and irreversibly damaging the movement. Battery replacement must be carried out by a Bell & Ross repair center or a Bell & Ross approved watchmaker in order to guarantee perfect water resistance.

Your Bell & Ross watch contains a highly precise and highly complex timepiece mechanism. In order to preserve its reliability and ensure its longevity, we recommend that you take special care and have its periodic maintenance carried out: a maintenance service every two years and a complete overhaul every four to five years.
In order to guarantee service that meets brand requirements, each intervention on your watch must be carried out by a Bell & Ross repair center or a Bell & Ross approved watchmaker.


Movement control and adjustment
Replacing the battery on quartz watches
Cleaning the case and the bracelet
Change of seals
Water-proof test
Function check
1 year warranty intervention


Complete disassembly of the movement
Replacement of worn components
Cleaning, lubrication and reassembly of the movement
Battery replacement on quartz watches
Movement control and adjustment
Refreshing the case and bracelet
Change of seals
Waterproof test
Function check
1 year warranty intervention


Your Bell & Ross watch benefits from an international warranty (parts and labour) valid for 2 years from the purchase date recorded on your Warranty Card.
The Bell & Ross International Warranty does not cover adjustments, and in any case excludes:
- Normal wear of buckles and straps.
- Scratches to the PVD coating or silver oxidation.
- The consequences of your watch ageing through normal use.
- Any damage caused by inappropriate use (e.g. violent impacts, crushing, rough handling of the crowns, push-pieces and clasps) or an accident.
- Any handling, disassembly or repair operations carried out by a third party other than an Approved Retailer, Official Boutique or Bell & Ross Service Center shall render the warranty null and void.
To be valid, the warranty card must be activate by an authorized retailer and/or include the following elements: the watch model, full serial number, purchase date, official stamp of the Approved Bell & Ross retailer.
Bell & Ross highly recommends that the warranty card is always the attached to the watch whenever you send it for repair.
To benefit from the international warranty, you must return your watch to a Bell & Ross boutique or an authorised Bell & Ross retailer, on presentation of the international warranty card.


The repair warranty applies to any watch which has been repaired in a Bell & Ross Service Center or by a watchmaking workshop approved by Bell & Ross. This is a one-year warranty covering the work carried out, independent of the Warranty Card included when you purchased your watch.
In any case, this workshop warranty excludes any damage caused by inappropriate or improper use, or by handling, disassembly or repair operations carried out by a third party not approved by Bell & Ross.
This warranty also excludes straps and clasps, and the consequences of your watch ageing through normal use
To benefit from the workshop warranty, it is highly recommended that you present your Repair Warranty Card, duly completed, signed and dated, with the repaired watch.


Only watches purchased from an Authorized Retailer or in a Bell & Ross Boutique benefit from the International Warranty, and are certified as authentic.

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