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Tara Ocean Foundation

Bell & Ross is proud to announce its partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation, the first foundation protecting the ocean that is recognised as promoting the public interest. It’s a strong commitment that embodies a value dear to Bell & Ross: expertise in action. This new partnership brings together two French organisations driven by the same values of exploration, precision and excellence.

The Tara Ocean Foundation and Bell & Ross have decided to combine their skills. During expeditions on board of its namesake schooner, launched just a few months before the birth of Bell & Ross, the Tara Ocean Foundation brings together researchers who share their knowledge and their views on the largest ecosystem on the planet around a single goal: to study the Ocean and understand it better.


For the Tara Ocean Foundation, scientific exploration is only possible thanks to its schooner: a real floating laboratory that looks like a ship of the future, where a crew of 14 people work, sleep and sail around the planet. The schooner Tara has clocked up more than 270,000 nautical miles. That’s half a million kilometres. The faithful schooner has also taken up incredible challenges when it comes to temperature (-41°C!) and geography, amassing 12 expeditions and more than 250 stopovers in 56 countries. On board the Tara, explorers, researchers and navigators are immersed in the heart of their machine.

Absolute symbiosis between man and his machine

For 30 years, Bell & Ross has been equipping exceptional pilots and divers whose mission and life depend on their instruments and their machine. In essence, Bell & Ross is the supplier for explorers and elite units, with every watch designed to meet the precise specifications of the field for which it is developed. This is why, as of today, the entire crew of Tara wears watches from the DIVER collection, which will become faithful allies in their daily missions. The heart of the Tara Ocean Foundation mission is closely connected to that of a Bell & Ross watch. Each has the same top priority: precision.

Explore to understand and share to create change

Through this new partnership, Bell & Ross aims to promote and support all of Tara Ocean Foundation’s actions and missions, whose primary objective is to “explore to understand and share to create change”.
This partnership brings a new dimension to the Bell & Ross’ commitment to the seas, which goes beyond the simple idea of exploration for the sake of it. Firm in the belief that the future of mankind and that of the ocean are intimately linked, Bell & Ross wishes to promote open, action-oriented research, a founding principle since its beginnings.

To find out more about the Tara Ocean Foundation, visit:


The BR 03-92 Diver Tara timepiece celebrates the first year of this partnership which continues the Bell & Ross tradition of equipping professionals with high-level instruments. This model, available in a limited edition of 999 pieces, was designed in collaboration with the Tara Ocean Foundation. Each new BR 03-92 DIVER TARA will help this partnership to make a difference, with a percentage of the profits from each watch sold being donated to the Foundation.

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