A year of preparation, a night to reach the whole world, in an infinite variety of theaters of operation. Using an airborne vehicle, with advanced stealth technology that can't be tracked on a radar screen, lidar or satellite. In many ways, Christmas is like a high-flying operation, the most wonderful of all. Bell & Ross summons all the components of its identity to offer its connoisseurs, whether they were wise or not, a bright Christmas. His equipment is a sack filled with presents from every facet of Bell & Ross.


Christmas celebrates the light that pierces in the middle of the longest night. Bell & Ross' Christmas is thus a photonic party. North Pole, unique green shining Northern Lights out through the darkness, the BR Christmas 2019 is based on the Super-LumiNova C3.


The Super-LumiNova C3 is the most resistant, the most intense, and the most innovative variant. With its unparalleled brightness, it's green tinted is ultra-phosphorescent and has a very long durability in the dark, offering a continual reading of the hour even in complete darkness.


With it's Instrument watch BR03-92 FULL LUM, the watchmaking brand pursues its concept by reversing the traditional principles of legibility. The idea is to switch everything and play with this idea by permuting the contrasts. In the daylight, its modern lines underline the essential. The simple and uncluttered display of this timepiece meets with a graphic dial with clear digits. At night, its subtle shades turn into an explosion of light. Its brass basis, coated with a paint made of Super-Luminova C3 luminescent pigments, and its luminescent rubber bracelet illuminate like an aurora borealis. Bell & Ross stands out as pioneer with this new luminescent rubber bracelet. To obtain this innovative result, pigments were incorporated into the material, which will then be hot moulded and pressed. Limited Edition of 250 pieces.

Embargo : 15th November 2019
Exclusively available in Bell & Ross’ boutiques and e-boutique from 15th November till 22nd November 2019.


The minimalist design of the BR03-92, with its black matte ceramic case, ultra-phosphorescent green numbers and grey-green lambskin strap will seduce every pilot watch lover.


Designed following the principles of industrial aesthetics, its micro-blasted case and dial give it a unique purity. The color used to light up airport runways is found on the dial of this watch.



The BR03 Diver Black Matte Ceramic underlines the brand's avant-garde vision, perfectly in tune with the aeronautical codes so crucial to the Bell & Ross philosophy: matte black ceramic reminiscent of the antireflective finish used on aircraft instrument panels, sober design, black dial, large white numerals, shape of the hands and photoluminescent coating allow immediate reading of the time, in broad daylight as well in darkness. Almost as tough as a diamond, the high-tech ceramic developed by Bell & Ross is incredibly hardwearing, non-deformable, lighter than steel and hypoallergenic.


How does he manage to remain undetected? Omnipresent? And so fast? Santa's operational performance is a model of its kind. His tactical sphere evokes tools as diverse as crucial: the pure speed of an F1 racing car, the camouflage pattern, the ability to reveal the essentials like a skeleton caliber. And in this most precious dream, ruled by magic, gold holds a special place.


The BR01 LAUGHING SKULL WHITE features an archaic-looking skull, like the most formidable fighters of times gone by have demonstrated their courage by sporting such skulls. Autonomous mechanisms, which feature an animated display, appeared in Europe in the 14th century at the same time as mechanical clocks. The original Laughing Skull concept is therefore a kind of direct descendant of these elegant animation systems. On this new Skull watch, it includes a surprise that will make you laugh: the mandible moves and the skull grins back at you! To create it, the brand developed the BR-CAL.206: a caliber entirely produced by the manufacture that is also skull-shaped, so that the mechanism fits the case perfectly and gives the impression that the skull is floating weightless in the center of the case. The skull on the dial is the key feature of this watch. It has been made from metal appliqué, which has been embossed to create a relief pattern. An ivory lacquer was applied and reworked on its surface to remind the patina covering the bones. An aged and ivory alligator strap reinforces the symbolic dimension. The sword-shaped hands are similar to those on the earlier SKULL collections, but on this model they are skeletonized and coated in Super-Luminova. Limited edition, 99 pieces.


The BR05 belongs to the family of watches with an integrated case: the bracelet fuses with the case to create a unified piece. Faithful to the brand's watchwords of legibility, functionality, reliability and precision, this new model boasts a resolutely urban look and feel. The lines of its case combine round and square, the basic geometric shapes that form part of Bell & Ross' identity. The construction of the BR05 surpasses the rigor of the square and transcends the perfection of the circle to define its own individual character. Limited to 500 pieces, the BR05 Skeleton effortlessly showcases the caliber BR-CAL.322 designed by Bell & Ross. An 18 carat rose gold version of the case completes the first chapter of this new story.

VINTAGE V3-94 R.S.19


Since the 1960s, the wristworn stopwatch, or �chronograph� has been synonymous with motorsport. Racy aesthetics in combination with precision timing capabilities mean every petrolhead�s hero has worn one. Renault F1� Team �R.S.19� watch collection is built on limited-edition chronographs, fit for the uncompromising environment of a modern F1� cockpit. The BR V3-94 R.S.19 sports the classic circular case of Bell & Ross�s Vintage collection, now tuned-up to 43 mm �XL� proportions.



It only took one small step to transform military camouflage into a refined pattern of the highest elegance. The new feminine version of 39 mm is the latest addition to the successful series of Bell & Ross camouflage watches: matte patchwork dial, satin-polished case, khaki strap. A true symphony to femininity, the most precious version has an index combining numerals with 8 white diamonds, giving a total of 0.12 cts, and a bezel set with 66 white diamonds totalling 0.99 cts.